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September 26,27th, Berchtesgaden, Germany

Hotel Grunberger.

sunny 74 °F
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BB98CDB8-4F88-4B01-B2C9-F88C2FA64758.jpeg6001E823-FEB1-40A2-ACCC-A906F6189436.jpegB83D33DE-2B45-49A7-9A56-E3EFB84B0372.jpegE1405B29-6B3E-4F1A-BEAD-AF09DF35E2E1.jpeg3BC95E07-C85F-491A-8475-0BE7C71C7385.jpegDC880CD5-C205-45AE-A701-B8E2F0A6A9D4.jpeg101D9E1A-D035-405B-9E65-712E7EE12116.jpegE98420E1-A8D9-4098-A03D-CB6844D224F4.jpeg7290A71D-1ADE-4CF6-AAF3-3781F2498778.jpeg1BFAA4E9-120B-441A-8179-CE1423E70203.jpeg2BD292F3-E7B2-4620-B92D-0F4136748F7B.jpeg67F75DFF-830C-46FF-A3FA-9858208B1AFE.jpegCC0024A0-F1C6-4CBB-9D49-4EE3B6086508.jpeg41B97934-4A2F-45B8-8927-0FB2CA085FB1.jpegD0D5906A-E2CE-4EF5-9F45-303E63E850C2.jpeg73D52DF3-7122-45B1-BA34-E63ED2947D38.jpegBF24F3A7-74EA-41DC-9C5D-F48577654CC3.jpegEAB0B088-4DEB-44F9-A6E3-D27BE5B1AE40.jpeg8E20BABF-91DB-4678-BB6B-DDF165380E29.jpeg0FB746AF-4A70-41CD-AB42-84055A81D116.jpeg586E0FE0-6E60-4E8C-89C5-23CCDBECA22F.jpeg45176471-EC36-4DC6-910E-20175927BBCF.jpegWe had a short drive from Zell am Zee Austria to Berchtesgaden, Germany. Could not check in when we arrived so we walked around the old town. Our Hotel is right on the River Ache. Fred wanted to look for several sites from WWII so we picked up and book about where we could find the ruins of the Berghof. We knew the general direction and drove to the Obersalzberg area where we first stopped at Hotel Garni sum Turken. It was blocked off and the hotel was not accepting guests. Apparently there are extensive bunker system under the hotel that is often open to the public and not anymore. It was said that this hotel was connected to the Fuhrer’s bunker next door.

We drove down the road and Barb notes there was what looked like a bunker/ tunnel about 15ft into the woods. We parked our cars up the road and walked back. There was a sign saying it was Vorboten and showed a camera on the sign. We walked in and I took about 4-5 pictures. Out the the woods comes a police man who was upset and scolded us for being there. He kept repeating it was vorboten and that I can not take pictures. When I noticed him I quickly put my IPad in my purse and acted dumb. Not sure why we can not take a picture but he spoke no English.

We drove about a 1/2 mile down the road and noticed what looked like a path into the woods. There were no signs but we hiked in about 500 meters. We found the ruins of Hitlers berghof. Hitler has built his home in 1936. The British bombed in April 1945, then the Ss burned down a few days later. The US military ordered the ruins blown up in 1952. The pictures are of the south wall of the home. We hiked around and found several concrete platforms which were guard lookout down the mountain. Beautiful area with so much evil. We also found an area where the Ss barracks were.

We spent two days In Berchtesgaden, drove to Lake Koniggsee and took a hike around the Lake. Overrun with tourists on one side of the lake.

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Sept 24 &. 25th

Sevilla Freiburg in Zell am zee, Austria

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93A07709-9739-4E56-9AAB-389F781557E2.jpegE8634169-9304-4B2F-9802-017DC3CE9524.jpeg940B91EC-CC55-444B-A5E6-361DD956826F.jpegAbsolutely delightful hotel on Lake Zell. We splurged for this hotel. One of the best breakfast buffets in the morning. Our hotel room was large with a sitting area with love seat and chairs overlooking the lake. Our window was the whole wall, about 8 ft x 6 feet. Watched the sun up and down twice. Rented a small electric boat for about 45 minutes out on the Lake. The weather our first day was in low 50’s, second day was about 75. We did not swim although we had a private beach. Walked into town for dinner at a German restaurant, walked along the lake on a path for walkers. There are also paths just for bikes.

Fred is excited because we found a Fahrad (bike) shop that not only had a box for his bike but also helped pack it up. Two of the nicest guys.

After two days of just relaxing, we are headed to Berchtesgaden, Germany.

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September 23; 2023

Headed to Kals, Austria

sunny 54 °F
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A209EDF3-0B11-4500-81DE-3CB3720B80F7.jpegDB44F3AD-E33E-4EBC-BF7D-CBC2CAEAA217.jpeg7C8C0C05-0781-4B1B-96EB-0B0B33254E47.jpeg2E901CC9-F9AD-4538-B5A3-02CE5092F9C5.jpegToday was one of the most beautiful drives through the mountains and along the rivers leaving Italy and making it to the Grossglockner area of Austria. We arrived about noon to a small family farm with the best owners so far. Their cows were up in the mountains, pigs and chickens on the farm. We had a beautiful room with a balcony over looking the mountains and the small town on Kals. We stayed only one night, ate when groceries we had for dinner and was served a wonderful breakfast in the morning. Nothing like fresh farm eggs.

We notice when we woke up that it had snowed up in the mountains. Tomorrow we drive about 1.5 to 2 hours to Zell am Zee. We will be staying at a hotel on Lake Zell.

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September 22

Drive to Jaegerhaus farm in Cortina Italy

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This is a small farm, cows were in the barn along with about 5 horses. No one was really around so I just walked in and chatted with the animals. Beautiful piece of property, but rained late in afternoon so that we did not spend to much time outside.

We left early after breakfast, not the best breakfast but was adequate. Had to keep asking for more coffee as they did not let us use the coffee machine. Most folks park and ride up the mountains in either buses or gondola’s. Fred drives his van up narrow mountain roads when we travel from one town to another. We see more than those hiking and eventually get to the top each time. No rain today but cool in the 50’s

When we reached the top of the Pass there were cows with bells just walking In the roads. We are on our way to Kals in Grossglockner which will be a farm stay as well

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Sept 19 Bormio

Bormio Italy

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10C18A41-FA48-454D-B94C-9767C4FF266F.jpeg0CB64460-39FB-4DF3-B68C-B0DF4BBA6B95.jpegC7288E1D-8CFB-4472-AD43-FBAFC234F9F7.jpeglarge_88764420-00AF-4029-B826-A6DC4127A400.jpegE669AD03-5C93-4FDC-B17A-8A38E2ED51A0.jpeg0D91BC4C-529C-4A66-8070-5A02669952C1.jpeglarge_2B8FE6CA-E75F-4FE4-AF4D-DCA53103622A.jpegWe arrived in Bormio, Italy after completing the Stevio Pass. Population is about 4,000 people and not overrun with tourists. Everyone seems to be Italian and the area is know for skiing and a starting point for bicycling up Stevio. . It will host alpine skiing in the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The old town has a beautiful 12 century church which I will post pictures. We walked the old town with its cobblestones and stopped for a great lunch.

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